24th Annual Balboa Island Artwalk

It is that time of year again for the Annual Balboa Island Artwalk. This year’s show will feature 85 artists presenting all sorts of finery from paintings to blown glass. To compliment the artwork there will be six groups of live musicians spaced out on South Bayfront to make the day an even finer experience. Also, there will be limited edition 24th Annual Artwalk posters and t-shirts for sale at Diamond and South Bayfront.Balboa Artwalk Poster 2018.png


Date: Sunday May 20th

Time: 9am-5pm

Cost: Free

Location: All along South Bayfront, Balboa Island

For more information visit: Balboa Island Artwalk

Source: Visit Newport Beach

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Millennial Money Habits

As a fellow millennial I will be the first one to admit that I think this generation is slacking when it comes to money smarts; but I do always like to be proven wrong and I now have been. According to Bank of America’s Better Money Habits Millennial Report this generation is doing just fine; maybe even better than previous generations when it comes to managing money.


Comparisons with Millennials (23-37 years old), Gen-X (39-53) and Baby Boomers (54-72 years old)

  • While 63% of Millennials are saving money, within the Gen-X theres only 1% more people saving and Baby Boomers are saving 12% more. This is great for Millennials to acknowledge that as a whole, the generation is doing almost as well as their parents with saving money.
  • Budgeting might be what many people say that Millennials downfall is, where in reality we are tied with Gen-X on the percentage of people budgeting and Baby Boomers are 3% better. Budgeting is the key to success in my opinion; if you do not know how to budget you will never be financially wise.
  • What about having financial goals? Goals are vital for success financially and guess what 57% of Millennials have goals compared with Gen-X and Baby Boomers are tied at 42%. You would think that these other two generations would all have financial goals since at some point do they not want to retire or maybe send their children to college? Without a goal it will be more difficult to come to fruition.
  • 59% of all Millennials feel financially secure; which personally I feel is not necessarily a good thing since sometimes this feeling is a false positive. As for Gen-X 54% feel financially secure and 63% of Baby Boomers do. This is interesting information since what does this really mean? Are Millennials actually financially more secure compared to Gen-X or are Millennials heads in the clouds about their security?


Where you just as surprised as I was about Millennials and their money habits? If you would like to read the full report on Bank of America’s site, follow the link  here.

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Seller Know How

So you have decided that now is the time to sell, but now you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the selling process. Well, do not worry since here are four tips on how to handle the process to make it quick and efficient.


  1. I am going to make an assumption here, I am going to assume that we all have probably just a bit more in our homes than we really need and that makes our homes cluttered. When trying to sell your house it is a very good idea to pack up all the items that you do not need since cluttered homes are just not as appealing to buyers; would you rather walk through a property that is tidy with minimal items or a property filled with dust collections goods? Potential home buyers want to envision what their nicknacks will look like in the home and not yours. Just think, by packing up your collection of porcelain cats now will just mean that you do not have to do it later!
  2. Now this is a tip that needs to be taken very seriously; tell your agent everything that you know is wrong with your property. Being up front with your agent means that you will be able to protect the two of you from not only wasting time but also potential lawsuits. By informing your agent about any and all issues with your property will be a lifesaver. Remember this, if there is a flaw in your house and you know about it most likely it will be discovered during inspections and the flaw will just hold the sale of your home up. No matter if you think the issue is big or small it is best to inform your agent so that you can tackle the problem before listing.
  3. Remodeling takes a lot of time, energy and money to do properly so take a second thought on if you actually want to tackle the challenge of a remodel. That being said, doing some remodel on your property can definitely aid in selling your property both in a timelier fashion as well as the potential to sell your property for more. If you are interested in seeing the potential return on investment, read about remodeling exterior impact to help you decide on what you want to tackle on the exterior remodel and the impact it will have on the sale.
  4. I can safely say that the day-to-day condition of my home is not in the state I would want potential buyers walking through it and I am going to assume that your place might not be either. So, this is time to do that deep clean that you have been needing to do for a while now. While it might not bother you having stains on your shower grout, this might just be the breaking point for a potential buyer. Take the time to clean your house, imagining that the Queen of England will be coming through with her white gloves on. You want your house to shine and not be dulled by a little dust that could easily be cleaned.

In need of a team of realtors to give you even more advice that will get your home sold? Give the Bartolic Team a call at 949-463-6329.

Source: Realtor.com

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April Coldwell Banker Wine and Cheese Event

Come join us this Wednesday the 25th of April from 5:00pm through 7:00pm.  This months topic is on how vesting can impact real property; this is a great topic for all homeowners. Knowing the differences  in how to have your property held will ensure later in life that your property is handled properly. Mike Adler of Equity Title will be presenting at the event. Hope to see you there to also catch you up on the current real estate market.

Location: 201 Marine Avenue Newport Beach, CA 92662

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2018 Balboa Island Community Garage Sale

Grab your walking shoes and your jumbo sized shopping bags and head down to Balboa Island for the mecca of all garage sales. This year the garage sale will be happening on Saturday April 21st from 7am through 12pm. You know the saying “the early bird catches the worm” well this is definitely the case with this garage sale; there are so many treasures waiting to be discovered but you just need to make certain to arrive early before everything has been snatched up! The garage sale will be happening all throughout Balboa Island in the alleyways.

As for parking; I would recommend you get here even earlier than you think you should to try and get a parking spot on the island. Parking is always a bit of a struggle but on this day especially there will be a lot more people trying to find a place to park.

While you’re down on Balboa Island make certain to drop into the Coldwell Banker office to catch up on the real estate market!


Source: Balboa Island Facebook Page

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Is Your Perfect Match Out There?

So, you have finally decided that you are ready to make the leap into the real estate market to buy your dream house but now you are questioning if the perfect match is really out there? Well, let me tell you that I believe that there is the perfect home out there for every person, but you will need an agent that is ready to put in some quality hours to find it for you. At Bartolic & Bartolic we have always been dedicated to finding the perfect match for each client; but now it is even more important to find a team like us that will put in the effort to find the right place. The current real estate market is seeing a housing inventory that is at record lows which means that finding that perfect match might take a little more time, two-thirds of home buyers spent more than three months searching for a home before going under contract, but who does not love a good challenge? Remember finding perfection takes time and you should enjoy the search since in the end you will be left with a great home to make memories in.

Curious as to what is making the home search longer? Read below to see how low inventory is impacting home buyers house hunts.



Source: National Association of Home Builders

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Food Spot of the Month- The Krave Kobe Burger

Raise your hand if you love hamburgers? I can’t see you currently raising your hand but I am going to take a highly educated guess that you are raising your hand right now. I am making this assumption based on the fact that Americans eat 50 billion of these delectable sandwiches a year. And if we break that incredibly large number down, it roughly comes out to each of us eating three hamburgers a week. Now I do not personally eat three hamburgers a week, but I certainly enjoy diving into one every once in a while and I have a great place for you to head if you are in the mood for a darn good burger; The Krave Kobe Burger.

What makes Krave Burger Different?:

So the fact that on average we are eating three hamburgers a week we should all know the difference between a good burger and a subpar burger. The idea behind Krave was created by Ardy and Fariba who wanted to have a restaurant that was going to provide the best quality food at a reasonable price. They wanted to have a fast food restaurant that burst the barriers of what we think about fast food, that it is unhealthy and the quality is not good. Krave Burger wants to make certain that the burger you will be enjoying is not only delicious but is also supporting the community. Their goals are to “provide the highest quality food products” while they “help and support our local farmers who believe in the same philosophy and human concerns.” By having these two strong business goals they are not only keeping the consumer happy but that they are also getting ethically sourced products. By using farmers that are being conscience of how they are treating the planet, Krave Burger is able to help with the community as a whole. This means that they select meat that is never given antibiotics or hormones and that the animals are given a vegetarian diet only. And yes, you will taste the difference in their burgers because when farmers are taking care of the livestock and produce this comes out as quality food that you will munch on.


The Food:

So by now you have realized that Krave is a burger place so let’s talk about some of the delicious options you can get here.

The burgers are what you came for right? You cannot really go wrong with any of the options here but my personal favorite is the Krave Burger. This burger is a simple one but that allows you to really taste how good the quality of the beef and other ingredients are. The delicious caramelized onions with the garlic aioli just makes my mouth water and my tummy happy. Now if you want something a little different I would recommend the Turkey burger. I know what you’re probably thinking, no way am I getting a turkey burger since they are always dry and gross. Well, this one is not; I don’t know if it all the garlic aioli they smear on the burger or the avocado and swiss cheese on top but this burger is a must try in my opinion.

And what about the fries? You know that famous California burger chain that we all have been to, well Krave’s fries are similar to these but even better. These Kennebec potatoes  are fried up when you order so that they are hot and crispy when they put them on your table and you will not be able to leave any behind because they are just too good.

Besides burgers, they do have a few sandwiches and salads which are great options if you  just are not in the mood for a juicy burger for some reason. And they also have delicious shakes to slurp down with your meal; nothing beats having a sweet shake while diving into a burger and fries. If you are feeling adventurous they even have a maple bacon shake, I have not personally tried it but I bet it would be delicious too!

What is Wagyu beef?:

All Wagyu beef comes from the black Tajima-ushi breed of cattle. These cattle were originally used as work animals in the rice paddies but these cattle have said goodbye to working and hello to living a luxurious life. What makes Wagyu beef so highly prized is the amount of marbling the meat has. The ranking of Wagyu is based off of four points of criteria; the marbling intensity, the color of the fat, the color of the muscle tissue and the shape of the muscle. Now the beef that Krave serves in an American Wagyu which is a cross breed of Wagyu and Angus; this beef has a rich marbling and deep meat color. American Wagyu allows places like Krave to provide a better tasting burger without the price tag of traditional Wagyu. Kobe beef comes from the Kansai region of Honshu Island. This is the only location in the world that Wagyu beef can be called Kobe, just like Champagne is only from the region of Champagne, France and everywhere else it is called sparkling wine. Though Kobe beef is not regarded as the highest quality Wagyu beef.The highest quality Wagyu beef comes Miyazaki which is the southern-most prefecture of Japan and is located on the island of Kyushu.

Krave Gives Back:

Krave is dedicated to helping the community around them and one of the ways that they are doing this is by having a charity program. Once a month Krave Burger will have a day where half of all sales will be donated to a local charity, organization or school. I do not know about you but I really enjoy good food and when I am able to help out our community while eating good food it is even better. Make certain to ask the next time you are in about when the next charity night is and even nominate your charity for a charity night.

Rewards Program:

Who doesn’t like rewards programs, the answer is no one. At Krave they have a rewards program in which you earn one point for every $1 you spend. When you reach 100 points you will earn a $5 credit that you can use on your next visit; though alcohol cannot be used with your credit. Follow the link here to sign up so that when you go in for the first time you will be already earning points.

Other Information:


Saturday: 9:00am-10:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am-9:30pm

Monday: Thursday: 10:30am-9:30am

Location- 21133 Newport Coast Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92657

Source: The Krave Kobe Burger

All About Wagyu and Kobe beef

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