Food Spot of the Month- The Krave Kobe Burger

Raise your hand if you love hamburgers? I can’t see you currently raising your hand but I am going to take a highly educated guess that you are raising your hand right now. I am making this assumption based on the fact that Americans eat 50 billion of these delectable sandwiches a year. And if we break that incredibly large number down, it roughly comes out to each of us eating three hamburgers a week. Now I do not personally eat three hamburgers a week, but I certainly enjoy diving into one every once in a while and I have a great place for you to head if you are in the mood for a darn good burger; The Krave Kobe Burger.

What makes Krave Burger Different?:

So the fact that on average we are eating three hamburgers a week we should all know the difference between a good burger and a subpar burger. The idea behind Krave was created by Ardy and Fariba who wanted to have a restaurant that was going to provide the best quality food at a reasonable price. They wanted to have a fast food restaurant that burst the barriers of what we think about fast food, that it is unhealthy and the quality is not good. Krave Burger wants to make certain that the burger you will be enjoying is not only delicious but is also supporting the community. Their goals are to “provide the highest quality food products” while they “help and support our local farmers who believe in the same philosophy and human concerns.” By having these two strong business goals they are not only keeping the consumer happy but that they are also getting ethically sourced products. By using farmers that are being conscience of how they are treating the planet, Krave Burger is able to help with the community as a whole. This means that they select meat that is never given antibiotics or hormones and that the animals are given a vegetarian diet only. And yes, you will taste the difference in their burgers because when farmers are taking care of the livestock and produce this comes out as quality food that you will munch on.


The Food:

So by now you have realized that Krave is a burger place so let’s talk about some of the delicious options you can get here.

The burgers are what you came for right? You cannot really go wrong with any of the options here but my personal favorite is the Krave Burger. This burger is a simple one but that allows you to really taste how good the quality of the beef and other ingredients are. The delicious caramelized onions with the garlic aioli just makes my mouth water and my tummy happy. Now if you want something a little different I would recommend the Turkey burger. I know what you’re probably thinking, no way am I getting a turkey burger since they are always dry and gross. Well, this one is not; I don’t know if it all the garlic aioli they smear on the burger or the avocado and swiss cheese on top but this burger is a must try in my opinion.

And what about the fries? You know that famous California burger chain that we all have been to, well Krave’s fries are similar to these but even better. These Kennebec potatoes  are fried up when you order so that they are hot and crispy when they put them on your table and you will not be able to leave any behind because they are just too good.

Besides burgers, they do have a few sandwiches and salads which are great options if you  just are not in the mood for a juicy burger for some reason. And they also have delicious shakes to slurp down with your meal; nothing beats having a sweet shake while diving into a burger and fries. If you are feeling adventurous they even have a maple bacon shake, I have not personally tried it but I bet it would be delicious too!

What is Wagyu beef?:

All Wagyu beef comes from the black Tajima-ushi breed of cattle. These cattle were originally used as work animals in the rice paddies but these cattle have said goodbye to working and hello to living a luxurious life. What makes Wagyu beef so highly prized is the amount of marbling the meat has. The ranking of Wagyu is based off of four points of criteria; the marbling intensity, the color of the fat, the color of the muscle tissue and the shape of the muscle. Now the beef that Krave serves in an American Wagyu which is a cross breed of Wagyu and Angus; this beef has a rich marbling and deep meat color. American Wagyu allows places like Krave to provide a better tasting burger without the price tag of traditional Wagyu. Kobe beef comes from the Kansai region of Honshu Island. This is the only location in the world that Wagyu beef can be called Kobe, just like Champagne is only from the region of Champagne, France and everywhere else it is called sparkling wine. Though Kobe beef is not regarded as the highest quality Wagyu beef.The highest quality Wagyu beef comes Miyazaki which is the southern-most prefecture of Japan and is located on the island of Kyushu.

Krave Gives Back:

Krave is dedicated to helping the community around them and one of the ways that they are doing this is by having a charity program. Once a month Krave Burger will have a day where half of all sales will be donated to a local charity, organization or school. I do not know about you but I really enjoy good food and when I am able to help out our community while eating good food it is even better. Make certain to ask the next time you are in about when the next charity night is and even nominate your charity for a charity night.

Rewards Program:

Who doesn’t like rewards programs, the answer is no one. At Krave they have a rewards program in which you earn one point for every $1 you spend. When you reach 100 points you will earn a $5 credit that you can use on your next visit; though alcohol cannot be used with your credit. Follow the link here to sign up so that when you go in for the first time you will be already earning points.

Other Information:


Saturday: 9:00am-10:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am-9:30pm

Monday: Thursday: 10:30am-9:30am

Location- 21133 Newport Coast Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92657

Source: The Krave Kobe Burger

All About Wagyu and Kobe beef

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