Food Spot of the Month- Royal Hen

Have you been searching for a new restaurant that not only has incredible food but also is doing good for children needing medical help? If so, it is time for you to check out Royal Hen on Balboa Island for brunch, dinner and your favorite pint of cider.

Pub Food Fit for a King:

The Bartolic Team has a love of food and traditional English pubs; but the issue with pub food is that  it has a reputation of not being food to write home about though the Royal Hen is a little different than pubs of yesteryear. The Royal Hen is the perfect pub; you are able to delight your palette with not only a selection of beers and cider but you are also able to dive into delectable food that will leave you feeling a bit British.

When I look at a pub menu I expect to see a few items every time since they are staples in British pub food; one of those items are fish and chips and the other a pot pie. For me fish and chips are the only thing I need when at a pub, along with a cider. Fish and chips are such a basic item that it is easy to see if a chef is good or not; if you cannot prepare such a simple meal than there might not be hope. But the Royal Hen surely does not disappoint in producing a perfect fish and chips; the cod is light with a crispy ale battered shell and the chips are well cooked. As for the pot pie, well these are hot items. Not only are they going to warm your body with joy but there are only a limited amount made every night and so you better order quickly so you can dive into the deliciousness and not be left saddened by the knowledge they have run out. For me pot pies are like a grandmas hug; they bring peace and love to your body. The Royal Hen pot pie is not trying to be something that it is not, it is a very traditional pie that will make you feel like you are complete again.

Though if fish and chips or a pot pie are not exactly what you are wanting to dive into that is okay since there are many other options to enjoy. I have a love of caesar salads and the one at the Royal Hen is incredible. This salad is definitely a twist on the salad that you are used to. Instead of using romaine lettuce which is what you expect in a caesar salad, you get incredible shaved Brussel sprouts. Now this a salad that I would love to make at home so that I could eat it every day. Sprinkled on top of the salad are fried capers that elevates the mouthwatering factor of the salad even more. And if you are in the mood for a classic hamburger I have heard that the RH burger is meal you will not be disappointed in.



If you find yourself wanting more Royal Hen after you have had a delicious dinner the night before head over at 10:00am on Sunday. Sunday brunch is $35 and you have the choice of a drink, small plate and a large plate. Now on the list of small plates is their caesar salad so I would definitely order that and for the large plate there is no question what I would order, the traditional English breakfast. There is something about having a traditional English breakfast that just makes my belly so happy. But if baked beans and grilled tomatoes are not what you look for in a breakfast they do have other options such as lemon ricotta pancakes to satisfy your hunger.


While you are dining on your upscale pub food you will also be helping out research efforts at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The Royal Hen donates 25 cents to the research of CAH for every customer they serve. CAH, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, is a family of inherited disorders affecting the adrenal glands which is caused by a deficiency in the 21- hydroxylase enzyme activity.



The Royal Hen does not take reservations but you can show up at 4:00pm to be placed on the guest list for that evening.


The Royal Hen is open Tuesday through Sunday. The bar opens at 4:00pm daily, besides Mondays when the restaurant is closed, while seating for dinner opens up at 5:30pm. The Royal Hen is open until 9:00pm every night and is open until 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday night. Sunday brunch begins at 10:00am and runs until 1:30pm.


The Royal Hen is located on Marine Avenue which has 2 hour parking through 8:00pm; which means if you are dining at the Royal Hen before 8:00pm make certain to plan accordingly. I would not want you to have a divine meal only to find out your car has been towed. If you plan on eating earlier in the evening and will be extending your dining experience make certain to park on one of the streets off of Marine Ave which have no parking time limit.


311 Marine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92662



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