The Goldilocks Mindset

It is the age old predicament that we face, what we currently have just is not working for us; whether it be the hair texture we have or the home we live in sometimes we just cannot be content until we find the right fit. And that is where a skilled real estate team, like Bartolic & Bartolic, is necessary to help you find the house that is just right for your desires.

According to Trulia, only 32% of homeowners would stay in a home the same size as their current property which means that there are a lot of households that need our help to assist in finding them a home better fit for them. And out of the 68% of people that are interested in moving into a different sized home 60.6% of them are looking to downsize. An interesting statistic is that households earning more than $150,000 a year are looking to downsize while those making less than $150,000 are interested in purchasing a larger home.

Whatever your real estate needs, Bartolic & Bartolic is here to help find the home that fits you just right.


Source: Trulia

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