Food Spot of the Month- Ruby’s Crystal Cove Shake Shack

Does the idea of enjoying a juicy burger and a date shake on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean sound like the dining experience you want? If so, Ruby’s Crystal Cove Shake Shack is exactly where you need to head for your next meal.


The Shake Shack opened its doors in the late 1920s when up and down the coast there were date shake and orange juice stands. The original name of the stand was the Laguna Beach Hot Dog Stand. Then by the 1940s the stand mainly was selling orange juice and shakes along with nuts and dried fruit that was locally grown. In 1968 the shack was redone and Virginia McKinney took over the lease in the mid 1970s and changed the name to Sunshine Cove. Then in 1989 Ms. McKinney’s lease was canceled by the state due to the plan to widen Pacific Coast Highway. Though to the rescue was Arden Flamson who took over the following year to keep the shack alive. In 2006 the shack was purchased by Ruby’s Diner who owns it to this day.


Are you prepared to have to make a hard decision? Well you will need to if you head to the Shake Shack to order a shake since there are 29 different milkshake flavors as well as one monthly special to choose from which is a wonderful predicament to be in. With all of these options you could go a whole month having a different shake every single day which sounds pretty fabulous. The Shake Shack is known for their date shakes but be prepared they are sweet! So make certain that you order some fries to go with your shake!

Besides the vast array of shakes at the Shake Shack there are the standard delicious Ruby Diner options to choose from. Whether it be their incredible Cinnamon Roll French Toast for breakfast, make it a combo if you are feeling extra hungry, or their Seared Ahi sandwich for lunch you will not be disappointed in what you end up ordering.

Did someone say secret menu? How about a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich or the Monkey Flip; a chocolate, banana, date and peanut butter shake are both original items that are no longer on the standard menu but you definitely still can order.

Find the menu here so that you are prepared when you get to the front of the line to order.

Meal with a View-

At the Shake Shack you will not be disappointed in what you stare at while dining due to the unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. The view from the restaurant is a multi million dollar view and you can have it for the price of a shake, $5.99. All of the seating is outdoors, so if Newport Beach is experiencing an unusual rainy day just make certain to wear a rain jacket and if you will be dining at night you might want to bring a light jacket since the breeze coming off of the ocean can be a bit chilly.

IMG_0875 4_Fotor.jpg



This is the only issue with the Shake Shack; there are only about free ten parking spots which is definitely not enough for all of the hungry folks trying to eat here; the average wait time is about ten to twenty minutes to get a spot so I recommend that if you have a passenger have them go order the food so by the time you get a spot your meal will be ready. If you are planning on visiting the beach or do not mind spending $5 an hour, maximum $15 a day, you can park in the Los Trancos parking lot and walk to the Shake Shack which will take you about seven minutes.

Important Information:

Days Open- Every day

Hours Open- 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Breakfast is served until 11:00 AM


Sources: Rubys  and LA Times

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