Food Spot of the Month- Hersey’s Market

Have you ever been strolling along Marine Avenue on Balboa Island and  you begin to get a little peckish but do  not want to spend too much on lunch? Well if you have been in this situation or ever are, I have the perfect spot for you to stop if you love a value and hotdogs; Hersey’s Market.

While there are other places along Marine Avenue to get a tasty hotdog there is nothing that comes close to the value and quality of a Hershey’s Market hotdog. For three dollars you can devour a hotdog that will definitely not disappoint and if you would like a refillable soda pop with your hotdog just add 99 cents to your bill. All you have to do is head to the back where the deli is and place your order and while they put together your hotdog creation you will pay at the front and bring the deli attendant back your paid receipt. You can add all of the traditional toppings to your hotdog; but my personal favorite toppings are mustard, relish, tomato slices and grilled onions on an extra grilled hotdog and bun. The great thing about the hotdogs at Hershey’s Market is you can add on all the traditional toppings you want and it will still be the same low price of three dollars compared to other locations where toppings such as grilled onions are an up charge. While you can eat your hotdog in the market, I would recommend taking your meal to go and head to the bay front so that you can take in the wonderful views while dining . After you have a full belly come stop by and tell us what you thought about your hotdog and we can discuss what the real estate market on Balboa Island is doing.


IMG_0794 2

History of Balboa Island’s Market

Hersey’s Market opened its doors in 1929 by Wallie Kaufman and was named Wallis’s Market. Wallie Kaufman was the son of sponsors for a German couple, Tony and Whilelmina Hirshi  who came to California from Germany in 1923. Mr. Kaufman encouraged the couple to work as store clerks at his store on Balboa Island and even made room for them in the stock room so that they could save money and live where they worked. With their savings they purchased a home on Onyx but after a year they sold their home and purchased two empty lots on Marine Avenue. They built Hershey’s Cafe, what is now The Village Inn, and a nursery on the lots; then in 1934 they leased out the properties.

In 1938 Wallie Kaufman decided to sell his market and sold it to the Hirshi family who after remolding it renamed it Hershey’s Market Spot. Not until 1968 did the market take the name that is still used, Hershey’s Market. In 1971 the Hirshi’s daughter, Ruth, took over the market and then in 1979 decided to lease out the market. The grandchildren of Tony and Whilemina continued to own the property and lease out the market until this past year.

Source: Hersey’s Market History

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